Streaming about Chapel


I started a twitch Channel and am planning to stream some Chapel related content, from live-coding of my projects to tutorials and all sort of stuff (I also stream other non-chapel related stuff sometimes, but almost always featuring some live coding).

My first Chapel stream February 28 2024 at 16:00 UTC with a live tutorial How to develop libraries in Chapel, a from zero to hero tour of how to use (or better how I use) mason, how to setup and deploy docs, CI etc. Join for a chill introduction to mason in a fun and cozy environment.


In case you missed my previous stream, it is now on youtube

Next chapel stream on Saturday 16th March at 15:00 UTC

This will be a sneak preview of the upcoming Chapel track on exercism that I have been developing. Watch me live-coding some programming challenging in Chapel, to get a basic overview of the language syntax and features. Can I write an interpreter for forth in Chapel? I bet I can, but come and see for yourself :wink:

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