Chapel Blog and Advent of Code 2022

Hello Chapel Community —

For anyone who hasn't seen the news elsewhere, we've kicked off a new 'Chapel Blog' on the Chapel website at: Chapel Language Blog We're considering this month to be its "soft launch" as we get accustomed to the technology, get everything to our liking, and work out the kinks (for instance, at the moment the title isn't rendering correctly on my Chrome browser). We hope you'll take a look and give us your suggestions and feedback, as well as technical questions or comments in the new 'Blog' category on Discourse (Blog - Chapel Programming Language).

During this soft launch period, members of our team are participating in Advent of Code 2022 (Advent of Code 2022) and we are blogging about our solutions on a daily basis. If you have colleagues or friends who are programmers and interested in learning more about Chapel, this could be a fun and interactive way for them to do so, through a combination of reading the blog posts and trying their hand at the exercises themselves.

Have a great weekend,
-Brad (on behalf of the Chapel team and blog crew)

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