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Summary of Problem

The documentation provided by the chapel right now has a very detailed explanation about the library utilities provided by the chapel. So if someone is switching from another language who is familiar with the concepts has to spend more time when he wants to brief about the utilities as there is no quick reference material for utilities provided by the chapel.

Possible Solution

We can add quick reference material with a template like

function_name - use - args - return - link (subject of discussion)

This will provide a quicker reference guide for each library, where users can look at all the utilities provided by them and their quick usage which is required most of the time while working on a program.
Linking the quick reference to the main page will provide the user the option to look deeper into it if required.
Something like in c++ reference material.

There are few things that have to be discussed to see if it is viable or not, like how this will be implemented, what will be the general template and how can it be linked with the main documentation so there is 1:1 correspondence.

Link to the Issue

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Aryamaan Jain

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