HPC Carpentries Chapel Lesson

A Carpentries style lesson introducing Chapel was created, though there are other learning resources for Chapel, it seems that this is still useful and might be worth listing in the hands on exercises section of the Chapel website. Is this the case? Would there be interest in improving the lesson? If so, it would be nice to list it and add a caveat

(Note: This code is currently out-of-date w.r.t. the current Chapel release, but the core concepts still apply).

As is done for the Image processing example. Putting the example codes used in the tests would make it easier to keep them up to date with the implementation.

Hi Benson —

I don't really have much context for the carpentries example and would be open to adding a link to it from the Chapel website, though I'd prefer to do it with the author in the loop—and it would obviously be preferable if it were up-to-date (I'd forgotten that the image processing example was linked to with a caveat like that, but feel similarly about it and could see retiring it due to it being so out-of-date).

I like the idea of putting the example codes into Chapel's test system as a means of keeping them working over time, but again, would prefer to have the author involved in that effort. Are you familiar with the author by any chance?


Thanks. Not familiar with the author, though it is good that there is interest in adding the example codes to Chapel's test system. Raised a GitHub issue.

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