Cdo with Chapel

Hi all, I am trying to use cdo lib for my Chapel project. I am following the exact steps defined here GitHub - chapeldev/cdo: Chapel Data Object (for SQLite). But when I want to use "make", it throws an error which is "cannot find the cdo module". It is missed from the repository folder?

Thank you,

Hi Marjan —

Sorry for the slow response. I'm not familiar with CDO specifically, but in general, to satisfy a given use ModuleName; or import ModuleName; statement, either:

  • the file defining ModuleName must be listed on the chpl command-line
  • or, it must be defined in a file ModuleName.chpl that is in the same directory as the file that is using it
  • or, the directory that it is in must be supplied to the Chapel compiler via the -M flag (which adds to the module search path)

The --print-module-files flag provides a bit more information about what files Chapel is parsing while compiling your program, which can sometimes be illuminating.