Where is the backend code of chapel?

Is the back-end code of chapel referring to llvm, and did not see the assembly code segment?

Sorry, I'm not sure I understand the question. Can you be a little more specific? Or maybe it would help if I understood why you're asking?

Thanks, and sorry again for not understanding,

Hi @leikang123, welcome to Chapel! How do you like it so far?

To see whether you are using the LLVM backend (likely) or the C backend, you can run $CHPL_HOME/util/printchplenv in your shell and check the CHPL_LLVM setting towards the end.

Normally the Chapel compiler removes all the LLVM (or C) files that it passes to the backend compiler. To have those files stick around, invoke chpl with these options: chpl --savec someDirectory ..... (see chpl --help for details). When using the LLVM backend, run llvm-dis on the files in someDirectory.

As Lydia mentioned, if this is not helpful, please clarify your question.

The question I'm talking about is in which directory is the machine code in chapel's code generator?

The Chapel compiler executes the LLVM or C compiler to generate machine code. Please clarify your question further?