New Issue: What determines the color of keywords in chpldoc output?

17386, "bradcray", "What determines the color of keywords in chpldoc output?", "2021-03-09T22:29:47Z"

In chpldoc output (created by sphinx / pygments), some Chapel reserved words are green while others are blue. For example, see: Lexical Structure — Chapel Documentation 1.24

What causes this choices and why are related keywords (like cobegin, begin, and coforall) rendered using different colors?

What rule of thumb would we want to use in choosing these colors? (I tend to have the mentality that fewer colors for broader categories is preferable to more colors for narrower categories because once there are too many colors, I spend all my time trying to determine the pattern rather than read the code. I've also rarely found the use of more than 3-4 colors/styles to be helpful rather than harmful).