New Issue: Rename 'list.indexOf' as 'list.find' and make it not halt on empty lists

18099, "e-kayrakli", "Rename 'list.indexOf' as 'list.find' and make it not halt on empty lists", "2021-07-22T23:41:00Z"

The list type has an indexOf method that returns the index of a given element. This issue has 2 proposals:

  1. We rename this method as find:
    We have string.find and bytes.find which are similar. Note that list also has count which is the same as string.count/bytes.count.
  2. We make it not halt for empty lists, and return -1 instead.
    This is the behavior in string/bytes. I don't think running find on an empty list warrants such a drastic action.

(In the module review meeting, we have only talked about (1) that had support. We haven't talked about 2, and I can create a separate issue for it if needed)