New Issue: [mason] Migrate mason to its own repository

18508, "arezaii", "[mason] Migrate mason to its own repository", "2021-10-01T20:44:27Z"


Mason is currently a folder inside the Chapel repository. This makes it difficult to release updates to mason independently of the Chapel language. Other package managers/build tools are often included with their respective language, but have their own repository (e.g. rust+cargo).
I have seen mention of an independent mason repository in older issues, (see mason bash completion script by ankingcodes · Pull Request #16035 · chapel-lang/chapel · GitHub, and Mason Improvements · Issue #7106 · chapel-lang/chapel · GitHub), so I know this has at least been mentioned before, but I don't see much discussion about it.

This issue is to track the discussion of what it would take to move mason and identify potential problems with the end result.


  1. create a mason repository, maybe chapel-lang/mason
  2. mason becomes a git submodule of Chapel
  3. mason specific issues migrated to new mason repo
  4. new mason issues created on mason repo


  • Faster bugfixes/enhancements to mason
  • Separate mason issues from Chapel issues


  • adds complexity to deal with submodule
  • requires updates to makefiles
  • requires updates to Chapel CI and test configurations
  • mason relies on Chapel's test framework
  • others? (please comment)