Chapel 1.25.1 is now available!

Hello Chapel Community —

This is a quick note to mention that Chapel 1.25.1 has been released these past few weeks. This is an update to September's 1.25.0 release, motivated primarily by portability improvements, particularly for the LLVM-based back-end. Other highlights include:

  • an option to build the compiler with 'jemalloc' to reduce compilation times
  • improved performance and flexibility for Chapel's hash-table-based data structures
  • extended support for sync and single types that include classes and records
  • improved initialization behavior for variables of external types
  • a new 'ConcurrentMap' package module
  • further improvements to the 'ArgumentParser' module and mason's use of it
  • several other improvements in naming, error messages, bug fixes, and documentation

For a more complete list of changes in Chapel 1.25.1, please refer to its file.

As always, please let us know if you have any problems with Chapel 1.25.1. Our response times may be a bit slow with the winter holidays approaching, but we'll be back in force early in 2022.

Best wishes,
-Brad Chamberlain (on behalf of the Chapel team at HPE and the developer community)