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I recently found the following Chapel blog site, which has a lot of interesting pages. But with my computer + browsers, the font becomes very thin depending on browsers (please see the link below for images)... Does this possibly happen also for other people? (Because I am using old browsers, I am wondering if it is just a problem of my environment, or it actually happens for new/other environments. BTW, I can read this discourse pages or other sites with no such problem (i.e. the font seems sufficiently clear).)

(Image from Firefox) Generic-Linear-Multistep-Method-Evaluator-using-Chapel hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB

Takeshi —

Thanks for your interest in the blog, and for asking about this!

When I first looked at your image, I thought "yeah, that looks about like what I'd expect" (from memory). But then bringing the same article up in my browser, I do see what seem like more substantial fonts:

making me wonder whether something is misconfigured or non-portable.

I think @daniel.fedorin is most expert on our font selection on the blog. Daniel, what's your take on Takeshi's screenshot?

Thanks again,

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Thanks very much for testing the page, and the image in your post seems to be perfectly readable for me. And, I've just tried the same page using my newer laptop (Macbook M1), and it gives a nice bold font! So, I am afraid this seems an issue of my old browser / environment... I will try to use a newer one (and, I am sorry for taking your time!)

No need to apologize at all—this is good information for us to hear! For reference, can you tell us what browser/environment you were seeing the poorer fonts on? We'd definitely like to make the page as portable and readable as possible.

Offline, Daniel mentioned that there are other font families we could be considering which may help with such issues, but knowing where you saw them could help us reproduce that and/or make sure any new font we chose didn't have the same issue.


When I was writing the 1st post, I was using a very old environment (OSX 10.11, El Capitan), which is still used in my home but no longer supported by Apple... When I tried newer environments, they show the blog page very clearly with no problem. Specifically,

  • OSX 10.11 (El Capitan, x86_64) (which was used in my 1st post!)

    • Firefox 78.15 --> NG (thin font) (I cannot upgrade it anymore for this OSX)
    • Chrome 103.0 --> NG (thin font)
  • OSX 10.13 (High Sierra, x86_64)

    • Firefox 115.11 --> OK
    • Chrome 116.0 --> NG (thin font)
  • macOS 12.6 (Monterey, M1)

    • Firefox 127.0 (latest) --> OK
    • Chrome 126.0 (latest) --> OK
  • Windows10 (x86_64)

    • Firefox 127.0 (latest) --> OK
    • Chrome 126.0 (latest) --> OK

So, unless one is using an extremely old environment, I believe there will be no problem with the font. I am afraid I should use newer OS even for home use... :sweat_smile:

Best regards, - Takeshi

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