Discourse web interface

@skaller : Over here, you said:

Discourse web interface on the other hand is extremely annoying. It keeps popping up stupid messages and forcing me to reload whilst editing

We're still settling into Discourse to some extent, but have generally been very happy with it compared to our old mailing list solution (where some of us use it through the web, some through email, some both). Are the messages you're referring to the ones at the lower right quadrant of the screen, where the preview normally appears, that are offering "tips"? Are you saying that they are what's forcing you to reload (I just hit their 'X' button to dismiss them, and it looks as though ESC should do it as well), or are the reloads due to something else?

FWIW, Discourse has various trust levels that shape the user experience, and new users are defaulted to a low trust level, to avoid abuse and spam, but we could dial you up in level if it seemed that this was part of the problem (it's difficult for me to guess whether it is or not).


No, what happens when I'm editing is suddenly a popup appears and tells me the draft is being edited in another window (which is rubbish) and I have to hit the reload button on the popup to get back to editing. The last few word I typed are lost.

I'm using Chrome on a Mac. I am sometimes typing very long messages. I also keep hitting Ctrl-Return to start a new paragraph, which terminates editing, that's a bad habit from using Facebook too much.

Otherwise Discourse is pretty reasonable. It's just a minor hassle. I'm easily annoyed by "modern" technology. Absolutely hate my iPhone :slight_smile:

The system already upgraded my trust level. Silly system. :slight_smile: It seems fine so far. I can create posts and reply. I haven't setup my phone yet. I enter the system by clicking on the email notification links, haven't tried to get in directly. I'll let you know if there are any serious issues with it, so far its ok except for some annoyances I can live with at the moment.

Huh... I have not seen that. I'm also using Chrome on Mac. I tend to lean on shift-return (edit: oops, I just tried ctrl-return to see what would happen... that is shocking! Anyway, that's about all I was going to say. No idea why it'd be talking about a draft in another window, though (and I often have multiple Discourse tabs open).