CHIUW 2019 Rundown

Hi Chapel Community —

CHIUW 2019 is coming up in two weeks! Highlights include:

  • a keynote by Anshu Dubey (Argonne) on Programming Abstractions for
    Orchestration of HPC Scientific Computing

  • talks from Chapel community members who’ve been using Chapel to:

    • accelerate and scale NumPy computations from Jupyter
    • orchestrate computations for hybrid CPU-GPU nodes
    • teach students how to write and tune stencils
    • write a Chapel Graph Library
  • talks from the Cray team about Chapel progress including:

    • Chapel’s use in Cray HPO / CrayAI
    • interoperating with Python, C, and Fortran
    • recent communication-driven performance optimizations
    • supporting radix sort in the Chapel standard library

In addition, we will have our annual “State of the Chapel Project” talk, a
lightning talks session, and a follow-up coding day.

Hope to see you at CHIUW / PLDI / FCRC in Phoenix June 22-23!

-Brad Chamberlain
(on behalf of the CHIUW 2019 organizing committees)

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