CHIUW 2021: Friday, June 4th (program now online)

Hi Chapel Community —

CHIUW 2021—the 8th Annual Chapel Implementers and Users Workshop—is coming up on June 4th! This year's workshop is free and will be held virtually on Zoom. Registration is required (to deter Zoom-bombing), but is short and sweet.

The highlight of this year's CHIUW is the keynote by Dr. Éric Laurendau of Polytechnique Montreal. As a professor of mechanical engineering, Éric's research interests are in the area of Computational Fluid Dynamics and High-Performance Computing towards the study of aerodynamic flows over aircraft configurations. In his keynote, "HPC Lessons from 30 Years of Practice in CFD Towards Aircraft Design and Analysis", Éric will discuss the role of HPC in aerodynamic modeling an aircraft design in the past and in the future. He will focus on his team's effort in developing CHAMPS (CHApel Multiphysics Simulation), and show the impact of the Chapel language for large-scale problems (billions of unknowns), in its performance and also its ease of use.

The agenda consists of 14 other talks by authors affiliated with 11 different organizations from 5 countries. The talks will cover topics including but not limited to

  • uses of Chapel in data science, graph analytics, CFD and linear algebra

  • portability of Chapel on GPUs

  • optimizations in the Chapel compiler, runtime and modules,

For the full agenda and the registration link, please visit: Chapel: CHIUW 2021: 8th Annual Chapel Implementers and Users Workshop.

Hope to see you online for CHIUW 2021 in a few weeks!

On behalf of the CHIUW 2021 committees,


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