[Chapel Merge] Rename division methods in BigInteger and their ar

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Author: lydia-duncan
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Merge pull request #17936 from lydia-duncan/renameDivs

Rename division methods in BigInteger and their arguments
[reviewed by @stonea]

This change adjusts the replacement division methods in the BigInteger module
to use new names and new argument names, to unify them with the expected style
of the standard modules. These changes include:

  • stop using snake case, so div_q is now divQ, div_q_2exp is now divQ2Exp, etc.
  • Any n arguments are now numer (short for numerator, as opposed to num
    which could be confused with its use for things like numFields)
  • Any d arguments are now denom (short for denominator)
  • Any r arguments are now remain (short for remainder)
  • Any b arguments are now exp (short for exponent, since these versions of the
    functions divide by 2 raised to the power of this argument: previously 2^b, now 2^exp)

Adjusts the deprecation warning for the old versions that used Round to refer to the
new names. Restore the default value for the Round arguments, now that we don't
have to worry about whether having a default value will cause resolution errors (and
to allow users that relied on the default values to see the deprecation warning rather
than just a resolution error)

Resolves Cray/chapel-private#2092

Updates the tests that call these methods to use the new names. Updates the
deprecation test to expect the new deprecation warning message and add tracking
for the deprecation warnings when default values are used.

Full paratest with futures passed

Modified Files:
M modules/standard/BigInteger.chpl

M test/deprecated/BigInteger/deprecateRound.chpl
M test/deprecated/BigInteger/deprecateRound.good
M test/library/standard/GMP/ldelaney/gmp_Bigint_arithmetic.chpl
M test/library/standard/GMP/ldelaney/gmp_Bigint_division.chpl
M test/release/examples/benchmarks/shootout/pidigits-fast.chpl
M test/studies/shootout/pidigits/bradc/pidigits-blc.chpl
M test/studies/shootout/pidigits/thomasvandoren/pidigits-BigInt.chpl
M test/studies/shootout/pidigits/thomasvandoren/pidigits-ledrug-BigInt.chpl
M test/studies/shootout/submitted/pidigits2-27.good
M test/studies/shootout/submitted/pidigits2.good

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