Should BigInteger's bigint.remove() be renamed?


I would like to rename the bigint.remove() function to bigint.removeFac() or bigint.removeFactor().
This function removes all instances of the factor ( f ) arg from the other arg ( a ), storing the result in this and returning the number of times the factor was removed.
I think the new name removeFac / removeFactor will be a lot more descriptive of its function and will also prevent any conflicts with other remove methods.

I need some developers or users to share their opinion on the same.


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Thanks for leading this discussion, Yash, and welcome to Chapel Discourse!

I like the idea of renaming the method, and personally prefer removeFactor() over removeFac(), for clarity and because it's not that much more typing. I'll be curious what others think and say as well, though.

[edit: Oh, I wanted to link the issue that backs this thread as well, for reference: [Library Stabilization] Should we rename BigInteger's `bigint.remove()` method? · Issue #17732 · chapel-lang/chapel · GitHub]


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