[Chapel Merge] Methods renamed and return type changed to boolean

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Revision: e4e8a8d
Author: lydia-duncan
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Merge pull request #18827 from tiger-yash/tiger-3

Methods renamed and return type changed to boolean in BigInteger module
[contributed by @tiger-yash, reviewed by Lydia]

This PR Partly Works on #17701


  • Changed the method names
  • Changed their return types to bool
  • Updated the required Deprecation Warnings and tests.
  • Also updates some tests that were relying on the old names

Methods changed:

  • bigint.perfect_power_p() changed to bigint.isPerfectPower()
  • bigint.perfect_square_p() changed to bigint.isPerfectSquare()
  • bigint.even_p() changed to bigint.isEven()
  • bigint.odd_p() changed to bigint.isOdd()

Note: Rest of the Methods Changed in PR #18784

Passed a full paratest with futures

Modified Files:
A test/deprecated/BigInteger/deprecateEvenP.chpl

A test/deprecated/BigInteger/deprecateEvenP.good
A test/deprecated/BigInteger/deprecateOddP.chpl
A test/deprecated/BigInteger/deprecateOddP.good
A test/deprecated/BigInteger/deprecatePerfectPowerP.chpl
A test/deprecated/BigInteger/deprecatePerfectPowerP.good
A test/deprecated/BigInteger/deprecatePerfectSquareP.chpl
A test/deprecated/BigInteger/deprecatePerfectSquareP.good
M modules/standard/BigInteger.chpl
M test/library/standard/GMP/ldelaney/gmp_Bigint_misc.chpl
M test/library/standard/GMP/ldelaney/gmp_Bigint_powers_roots.chpl
M test/library/standard/GMP/ldelaney/gmp_Bigint_powers_roots.good

Compare: https://github.com/chapel-lang/chapel/compare/f975ee82992a...e4e8a8d0335f