Upcoming PAW-ATM workshop at SC21

Hi Chapel community –

The Parallel Applications Workshop, Alternatives To MPI+X (PAW-ATM) workshop at SC21 is coming up soon. It will be held online on Friday November 19th and I hope you are able to join.

At PAW-ATM this year, you can hear from 3 people working with Chapel:

  • Panel discussion featuring Chapel users Eric Laurendeau ( Polytechnique Montreal ) and Nikhil Padmanabhan ( Yale University )
  • Paper presentation, Towards High Productivity and Performance for Irregular Applications in Chapel, by Thomas Rolinger ( University of Maryland )

Please see https://sourceryinstitute.github.io/PAW/ for details. Additionally, check out the Chapel Upcoming Events page at https://chapel-lang.org/events.html which covers this as well as other upcoming events.



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