New Issue: Stabilize stopwatch capability ('Time.Timer')

16393, “bradcray”, “Stabilize stopwatch capability (‘Time.Timer’)”, “2020-09-15T20:27:27Z”

As part of stabilizing the standard library (issue #16392), we are reviewing the current Timer type with respect to stabilization. Some of the items under discussion are:

  • [x] should we rename the type from Timer to stopwatch (general consensus: yes)
    • “timers” usually count down from some set time, whereas this type’s behavior is designed to be like a stopwatch
    • standard library record types are increasingly lowercase in Chapel (standard library class types are uppercase)
  • [ ] should we rename the module it lives in and/or move it to a different module? (issue # )
  • [ ] should we change the methods used to clear/reset the timer? (issue # )
  • [ ] should we deprecate the argument to the elapsed routine? (issue # )