New Issue: problem with 'touch -A' on alpine linux

19444, "mppf", "problem with 'touch -A' on alpine linux", "2022-03-14T20:06:11Z"

Testing with alpine linux 314 I see this

cd /home/vagrant/chapel/third-party/hwloc/hwloc-src && find . -name "*.in" | xargs touch
touch -m -r  /home/vagrant/chapel/third-party/hwloc/hwloc-src/doc/doxygen-doc/hwloc.tag -d '+1 sec' /home/vagrant/chapel/third-party/hwloc/hwloc-src/README 2>/dev/null || \
	touch -m -r /home/vagrant/chapel/third-party/hwloc/hwloc-src/doc/doxygen-doc/hwloc.tag -A '01' /home/vagrant/chapel/third-party/hwloc/hwloc-src/README
touch: unrecognized option: A
BusyBox v1.33.1 () multi-call binary.

Usage: touch [-c] [-d DATE] [-t DATE] [-r FILE] FILE...

Update the last-modified date on the given FILE[s]

	-c	Don't create files
	-h	Don't follow links
	-d DT	Date/time to use
	-t DT	Date/time to use
	-r FILE	Use FILE's date/time
make[4]: *** [Makefile:67: hwloc-config] Error 1

It seems that the alpine linux touch command does not support -A. The use of touch with -A is here: