New Issue: Mason 'install' command?

17964, "vasslitvinov", "Mason 'install' command?", "2021-06-22T19:58:19Z"

Users coming to Mason from other package tools may expect a mason install command, while Mason currently does not support this kind of action.

To ease transition for these users, should Mason have a meaningful response to this command? For example:

  • mason install prints out a message saying that this command is not available and instead users should add dependencies to the current package/project using mason add and it will be acted upon as part of mason build

More aggressively, mason install SomePackage[@1.2.3] could be a user-triggered prefetch operation, downloading that package to cut down the time used by a subsequent mason build. Still, it would be good for this command to print a message informing the user about the need to call mason add.