New Issue: [Map Module Review] Create proposals for serial/parallel/distributed maps

18494, "Maxrimus", "[Map Module Review] Create proposals for serial/parallel/distributed maps", "2021-09-30T19:42:44Z"

One of the big topics that came up during the module review that was partially related to How should we control parallel-safety for `list`? · Issue #18097 · chapel-lang/chapel · GitHub but unique enough to garner its own topic was the idea of what to do with serial vs parallel vs distributed maps. The issue being that the most obvious solution would be to create two separate types, but that somewhat detracts from Chapel's inherent scalability. So the team wanted to create a proposal for what this possible solution might look like, the main crux of said proposal being to make the separate classes easy to swap out for simple movement between serial and parallel versions, with possible distributed versions being similarly scalable.

For more in depth discussion of the proposal ideas check the notes from the review( as well as the comments of the module review itself(