New Issue: Have Notification Emails include PR URL

18251, "bradcray", "Have Notification Emails include PR URL", "2021-08-19T05:05:26Z"

As a Chapel developer, the "Chapel Merge" notifications sent to the Notifications->Commits
category on Discourse are more difficult to use than ideal because of the lack of a link to the
PR on the GitHub website.

With a quick look, it appears that this may be because the information may not be
available via the GitHub push event information at the time that these scripts were originally
implemented: GitHub Actions - no way to get PR number on push event? - GitHub Actions - GitHub Support Community
(which maybe I knew at the time, but long since forgot?)

However, a quick search leads to this Q&A, and updating the URL in the solution points to
which would apparently let us get from a SHA to a PR number? At which point it should be as
simple as adding a line:

 Author: {pusher}                                                               
 Log Message:                                                                   

to github-email-notifications/ at master · chapel-lang/github-email-notifications · GitHub