New Issue: 'DateTime' module review - casing renaming

18846, "aconsroe-hpe", "'DateTime' module review - casing renaming", "2021-12-10T18:56:04Z"

As part of the DateTime module review, we've identified a number of identifiers that need to be renamed to follow our standard module style guide. This module in particular as a few oddball names that are a bit weird with camelCase due to acronyms like ISO and UTC.

The below table is a list of proposed changes. Many of the identifiers appear more than once and would be changed in all uses (for example there is proc date.isoformat() and proc datetime.isoformat(). Also note that there are some concurrent discussions and decisions to be made that may remove some of these, but in the interest of getting the ball rolling and making sure we're happy with these names in the event things are kept, I've included them.

from to notes
enum DayOfWeek enum dayOfWeek
Monday monday *
enum ISODayOfWeek enum isoDayOfWeek
proc isoweekday proc isoWeekday
proc isocalendar proc isoCalendar
proc isoformat proc isoFormat
proc utcoffset proc utcOffset
proc utcnow proc utcNow
proc fromutc proc fromUtc
proc fromordinal proc fromOrdinal
proc toordinal proc toOrdinal
proc fromtimestamp proc fromTimestamp
proc utcfromtimestamp proc utcFromTimestamp
proc fromutc proc fromUtc
class TZInfo class TimeZone *
proc tzinfo proc timeZone *

In our discussion, it was raised that

  1. Monday (Tuesday etc) might stay capitalized because they are proper nouns
  2. TimeZone could potentially be spelled Timezone (and timeZone would be timezone) with the reasoning: