My personal project is finished! Thanks for your help

Hello folks!

I finished my personal project that used Chapel last week! Here's the page on my website describing it. Basically, it is a Raspberry Pi cluster with Chapel (v. 1.28.0) configured to execute multi-locale. I wrote a script with a coforall loop to dispatch one task per locale, that task being to process a subset of tracks from a CD.

Thank you all for being responsive to my questions and making the road to completion much more clear! :blush: I liked learning the basics of the language and I want to experiment with it more in the future.


Hi Vanessa โ€”

Glad to hear you had some success here!

Totally optional, but since you're currently the resident expert on Chapel for Raspberry Pi, would you be at all interested in contributing a little raspberryPi.rst (or rasPi.rst?) file describing what settings you used / needed and your approach for building and running Chapel to the following directory?

The question comes up just infrequently enough that I think it could be useful.



I made a pull request for this here. It failed one automated check (make-doc) and I don't know why.
Please let me know at your convenience what can be done to get the document merge-ready!