Installing Chapel on Ubuntu + apt


The last week I attended the ChapelCon24 (the conference day), which was very nice and interesting. In one of the talks, I remember I saw a slide showing "deb package" for Chapel (or something, which I was not able to see very clearly). Does this possibly mean an addition of Chapel installation methods via "apt" on Ubuntu (both for serial and multi-locale)?

I have tried using apt on Ubuntu22 ("sudo apt install chapel" etc), but it seems not available at the moment. Because a lot of people use Ubuntu, I believe an easy installation via apt (without compilation from source!) would be really great for lowering a barrier for trying the language.

Another approach may be Homebrew / Linuxbrew, but at the moment I use apt for installing other languages and tools (e.g. GCC). Linuxbrew may also be very useful, but the last time I tried it for different software, it interfered with other software installed via apt, so I needed to modify my bash start-up script to prevent interference. If Chapel can be installed via apt, I think it should be more straightforward to try easily.

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Hi @tbzy,

Yes we now have support for debian packages for Chapel. It currently takes a few extra steps than just sudo apt install chapel, but we are working on that.

For the 2.0 release, we have packages available here. So for example with Ubuntu 22.04 on x86_64, you can do the following:

# validate checksum
sudo apt install ./chapel-2.0.0-1.ubuntu22.amd64.deb

Currently we only have single-locale configurations available, although we are working on providing multi-locale packages as well.

For Ubuntu, there is only Ubuntu 22.04 available for 2.0, but we hope to support Ubuntu 24.04 for the 2.1 release


Hi @jabraham,

Thanks very much for your information! It is really nice to know that we can already use apt for installation (and I am sorry, I tried it with Ubuntu22 (my typo in the first post)). Also, if the multi-local version will also become available, I believe it will be really great. Thanks much :slightly_smiling_face:

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In addition to Jade's answer, note that we do also support Homebrew (see
Using Chapel on Mac OS X — Chapel Documentation 2.0) and
I thought Linuxbrew, though I'm not finding documentation on that
quickly. Though it does have a similar limitation on using single
locale only, if my memory serves.



Thanks very much for additional info! Actually, I mainly used Homebrew on Mac before for trying new versions, but some time ago I changed my development machine from Mac to Linux (when Apple switched to M-series...), so I lost an easy installation method there... But for Mac, I believe homebrew will be most convenient to use :slight_smile: