External Issue: libjemalloc library conflict on InfiniBand systems

23282, "razoumov", "libjemalloc library conflict on InfiniBand systems", "2023-09-08T18:08:08Z"

On InfiniBand clusters with libjemalloc.* in the system paths, as of Chapel 1.31.0, the third-party jemalloc install does not get linked when compiling Chapel codes, as the linker picks the system library first. This results in undefined references to chpl_je_mallocx, chpl_je_dallocx, chpl_je_sallocx and others defined in the third-party jemalloc library when trying to compile any Chapel code.

This issue first appeared in Chapel 1.26.0 after reordering the -L flags.

More details can be found in the discussion Undefined reference to jemalloc. A potential fix mentioned there would be to rename third-party bundled libraries to something more unique.