Chapel Switching from CLAs to DCOs

Hi Chapel Developers and Users —

For those who have followed the Chapel project for some time, you may be aware that we have traditionally required contributors to sign an Apache Contributor Licensing Agreement (CLA) in order to make pull requests (PRs) against the Chapel GitHub repository.

This is an announcement that we have recently switched to using the Developer Certificate of Origin (DCO) approach, in which commits must be signed to indicate that you’re making them in accordance with the DCO. The overall goal of this switch is to make it easier to commit code in terms of:

  1. the legalese that a new developer needs to understand and agree to
  2. the processing of CLAs for both new developers and our team.

To learn more about the DCO, see .github/ And for details about how to get set up with the DCO on your git repositories, see doc/rst/developer/bestPractices/DCO.rst.

If you have previously developed under a CLA and have existing PRs open that predate the DCO process, there is no need to change them—they will be grandfathered in under the CLA. However, please make sure that any future PRs contain signed commits so that we can use a single consistent process going forward.

Thanks, and best wishes,