[Chapel Merge] Work-around TOML bug in mason and add a future for

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Revision: e41d4a5
Author: ben-albrecht
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Merge pull request #16342 from ben-albrecht/workaround-toml-error

Work-around TOML bug in mason and add a future for bug

TOML module produces a seg fault when parsing a file containing only a comment on linux32 / valgrind configs.\

This was exposed when mason search started adding a cache file containing only a comment if a cache
file did not exist (#16223).

In this PR, we work around this bug by creating an empty cache file instead.


  • added the cache.toml to CLEANFILES to prevent previous runs from interfering with each other in local testing
  • added a future for the TOML bug - to be debugged in the future.

[Reviewed by @ronawho]

Modified Files:
A test/library/packages/TOML/test/commentOnly.chpl
A test/library/packages/TOML/test/commentOnly.future
A test/library/packages/TOML/test/commentOnly.good
A test/mason/search/badFileName/CLEANFILES
M tools/mason/MasonSearch.chpl

Compare: https://github.com/chapel-lang/chapel/compare/161406f70942...e41d4a56d54b