[Chapel Merge] Update the spec and RI technote.

Branch: refs/heads/release/1.23
Revision: b09c37e
Author: jhoole
Log Message:

Spec updates: POI, reduce intents, … (#16567) by vasslitvinov

Update the spec and RI technote.

Update the Point of Instantiation (POI) rule for function visibility
to reflect the semantic changes in #15948 and #15872.

Improve the presentation of function resolution especially w.r.t.
function visibility.

Specify reduce intents within the specification of task and forall intents.

Update the reduceIntents technote. Defining reduce intents in the spec
made some former parts of this technote unnecessary.

While there, remove occurrences of the phrase “online documentation”
as all documentation is now online.

Signed-off-by: Vassily Litvinov vasslitvinov@users.noreply.github.com
r: @mppf @dlongnecke-cray

Modified Files:
M doc/rst/language/spec/data-parallelism.rst
M doc/rst/language/spec/domain-maps.rst
M doc/rst/language/spec/error-handling.rst
M doc/rst/language/spec/generics.rst
M doc/rst/language/spec/lexical-structure.rst
M doc/rst/language/spec/procedures.rst
M doc/rst/language/spec/task-parallelism-and-synchronization.rst
M doc/rst/technotes/reduceIntents.rst

Compare: https://github.com/chapel-lang/chapel/compare/release/1.23