[Chapel Merge] Try to ensure arkouda dependency versions match ou

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Merge pull request #16977 from ronawho/fix-arkouda-pip

Try to ensure arkouda dependency versions match our test dependencies

[co-developed with @e-kayrakli]

We pin to PyYaml 5.3.1 in test-requirements, but an Arkouda dependency
was pulling in 5.4.0 because we throw --upgrade --no-cache-dir since
#15654. There is some issue in PyYaml 5.4 that is breaking yaml imports
at the moment. To fix this and hopefully avoid similar issues in the
future list our test-requirements as a constraint for versioning. This
should make sure that Arkouda dependencies pull in the same versions we
want, assuming they don’t hard code versions themselves.

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M test/studies/arkouda/sub_test

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