[Chapel Merge] Tidy up Makefile error handling for chpl-venv

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Revision: 3692170
Author: mppf
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Merge pull request #16700 from mppf/remove-pip-warning

Tidy up Makefile error handling for chpl-venv

Follow-up to PR #16694

  • Removes check for a working pip since python3 -m venv creates a venv
    that is required to have pip.
  • Adjusts the Makefile targets running pip to better handle errors.
    Before, it was creating the build/chpl-venv or install/chpldeps
    directories even if the pip command failed. Stop doing that.
  • Adjust run-in{-test}-venv.bash to check for __main__.py - To avoid
    problems if the directory exists but nothing within it does, which we
    observed in nightly testing when the pip command failed due to
    network errors.

Reviewed by @lydia-duncan - thanks!

  • [x] verified that the chpldeps directory is not added when causing
    pip to fail by setting PIP_INDEX_URL to something bogus
  • [x] verified that run-in-test-venv.bash reports an error when I
    mkdir the chpldeps directory
  • [x] make docs works on Ubuntu 16.04 with Python 3.5
  • [x] make docs works on a Cray XC
  • [x] make docs works on Mac OS X
  • [x] full local testing

Modified Files:
M third-party/chpl-venv/Makefile
M third-party/chpl-venv/Makefile.include
M util/config/run-in-venv.bash
M util/test/run-in-test-venv.bash

Compare: https://github.com/chapel-lang/chapel/compare/a0e6e808ca6c...36921709813e