[Chapel Merge] This PR removes mason's dependence on the PWD env

Branch: refs/heads/master
Revision: f07210f
Author: ben-albrecht
Log Message:

Remove PWD dependency in Mason (#16636)

This PR removes mason’s dependence on the PWD env var to detect current working directory. Instead, we now consistently rely on the Filesystem module to determine current working directory. This improves maintainability for both the mason implementation and mason tests.

Also in this PR:

  • Made mason {init,new} interactive output consistent w.r.t. spacing, e.g. package name : -> package name:
  • Cleaned up mason tests a little the process of removing PWD changes from them

[Reviewed by @e-kayrakli]

Modified Files:
A test/mason/mason-modify/.gitignore
A test/mason/mason-modify/CLEANFILES
A test/mason/mason-modify/SKIPIF
A test/mason/mason-modify/tmp.notest
R test/mason/mason-modify/masonModifyTest.skipif
M test/mason/build/noDeps.chpl
M test/mason/init/masonInteractive.good
M test/mason/mason-doc/docPkg.chpl
M test/mason/mason-modify/masonModifyTest.chpl
M test/mason/masonNewTest.chpl
M test/mason/new/masonInteractive.good
M test/mason/publish/publishGitCheck.chpl
M tools/mason/MasonBuild.chpl
M tools/mason/MasonDoc.chpl
M tools/mason/MasonExample.chpl
M tools/mason/MasonInit.chpl
M tools/mason/MasonModify.chpl
M tools/mason/MasonNew.chpl
M tools/mason/MasonRun.chpl
M tools/mason/MasonTest.chpl
M tools/mason/MasonUpdate.chpl
M tools/mason/mason.chpl

Compare: https://github.com/chapel-lang/chapel/compare/951625329ba8...f07210f6c752