[Chapel Merge] Removed syntax highlighting for list of keywords i

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Merge pull request #17421 from Venkatavaradan-R/chpldoc-dev

Removed syntax highlighting for list of keywords in lexical-structure.rst

[developed by @Venkatavaradan-R, approved as our approach by @lydia-duncan , @e-kayrakli , and myself; reviewed by me by reviewing the change, building the specs, and inspecting the result]

This PR fixes #17386

Changed the code-block from chapel to text in lexical-structure.rst, disabling syntax highlighting which fixes the issue.

[editor's note: the issue being that because we were applying Chapel highlighting to non-structured text here, it tried to color things and failed; we decided that coloring wasn't really important or valuable in this context, and that the bad coloring was only making things worse]

Modified Files:
M doc/rst/language/spec/lexical-structure.rst

Compare: https://github.com/chapel-lang/chapel/compare/5019625867ae...fc3dbcc1d270