[Chapel Merge] Remove migrate/strict flags from hwloc interleave

Branch: refs/heads/main
Revision: b6a5cde
Author: ronawho
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Merge pull request #18383 from ronawho/cleanup-interleave

Remove migrate/strict flags from hwloc interleave call

[reviewed by and originally suggested by @gbtitus]

Follow on to #18350. We only want to interleave new pages when faulting
them in, we don't want to move existing pages. This shouldn't impact
gasnet-ibv-large, which is what the interleaving code was added for, but
it's also called for ibv-fast where we want it to be a no-op. It didn't
seem to cause any issues before, but I think this is still the right
change. There was no inherent reason to have the migrate/strict flags
before, they were just copied from chpl_topo_setMemLocalityByPages.

While here also update our check to ensure that interleave is supported.

Modified Files:
M runtime/src/topo/hwloc/topo-hwloc.c

Compare: https://github.com/chapel-lang/chapel/compare/c1acc9d7870b...b6a5cded6ab3