[Chapel Merge] Pidigits version using a cobegin

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Author: bradcray
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Merge pull request #19180 from bradcray/pidigits-cobegin-sep-mults

Pidigits version using a cobegin

[reviewed / co-developed by @ronawho]

Elliot realized that the previous begin-based version put two tasks on locale 0,
and we also discussed in the perf meeting that the three begin statements felt
a bit clunky. Both of those can be resolved with a cobegin statement which is
what we do here.

Interesting variations on this version might include:

  • using a monitor/condition variable library abstraction to coordinate between the

  • using a context manager pattern for the waitFor...write patterns in the task routines

  • using begins/futures to launch tasks for each subcomputation rather than setting
    an existing task free (for an elegance::performance tradeoff)

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    M test/studies/shootout/pidigits/bradc/pidigits-blc.chpl

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