[Chapel Merge] Only warn if CHPL_MEM and CHPL_TARGET_MEM disagree

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Revision: 5a8ec12
Author: aconsroe-hpe
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Merge pull request #18749 from aconsroe-hpe/fix/jemalloc-env-warning

Only warn if CHPL_MEM and CHPL_TARGET_MEM disagree

reviewed by ronawho

This silences the warning that was causing a failed test in
test/compflags/link/sungeun/static_dynamic.skipif because sub_test.py
runSkipIf calls util/test/testEnv which takes the output from
printchplenv --all --internal --simple --no-tidy and sets them in the
environment. Because CHPL_MEM and CHPL_TARGET_MEM both get set by this
script, we were triggering the warning (which anything on stderr will
cause the skipif to fail).

I still think having the warning is a good thing and I think it's
reasonable to only warn when there is a mismatch.

Modified Files:
M util/chplenv/chpl_mem.py

Compare: https://github.com/chapel-lang/chapel/compare/cac31de220bf...5a8ec124db73