[Chapel Merge] Only print --report-optimized-on rmem fence info f

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Revision: e8f5510
Author: ronawho
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Merge pull request #16435 from ronawho/simpler-rmem-report

Only print --report-optimized-on rmem fence info for non-fast ons

[reviewed by @mppf]

--report-optimized-on prints information about what on-clauses were
optimized to be fast-ons and whether remote memory fences were optimized
out. fast-ons require the rmem fence removal so there’s no need to print
the information twice in that case.

Modified Files:
A test/optimizations/sungeun/optimized-on/loop.cache.good
A test/optimizations/sungeun/optimized-on/loop.compopts
A test/optimizations/sungeun/optimized-on/loop.no-cache.good
R test/optimizations/sungeun/optimized-on/loop.good
M compiler/optimizations/optimizeOnClauses.cpp

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