[Chapel Merge] next: Add AST node for For loops (#17658)

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Revision: 4d01687
Author: dlongnecke-cray
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Merge pull request #17658 from dlongnecke-cray/next-add-for

next: Add AST node for For loops (#17658)

This is for compiler/next.

Add AST interfaces for for loops, as well as parser rules for parsing
for loops that appear at a statement level.

Add a new abstract class IndexableLoop that is a child of Loop.
It represents any kind of loop which is "indexable", such as For,
Forall, Coforall. It contains methods to get the index variable
and iterand of the loop.

After discussion, we settled on having one index variable and one
iterand per IndexableLoop (as opposed to having N iterands and N
index variables). The zip() construct will have its own AST node
which will represent it as an iterand.

Reviewed by @mppf and @vasslitvinov. Thanks!


  • [x] All compiler/next tests pass

Signed-off-by: David Longnecker dlongnecke-cray@users.noreply.github.com

Modified Files:
A compiler/next/include/chpl/uast/ControlFlow.h

A compiler/next/include/chpl/uast/For.h
A compiler/next/include/chpl/uast/IndexableLoop.h
A compiler/next/include/chpl/uast/Loop.h
A compiler/next/lib/uast/ControlFlow.cpp
A compiler/next/lib/uast/For.cpp
A compiler/next/lib/uast/IndexableLoop.cpp
A compiler/next/lib/uast/Loop.cpp
A compiler/next/test/frontend/testParseFor.cpp
M compiler/next/include/chpl/uast/ASTClassesList.h
M compiler/next/include/chpl/uast/Variable.h
M compiler/next/lib/frontend/Parser/ParserContext.h
M compiler/next/lib/frontend/Parser/ParserContextImpl.h
M compiler/next/lib/frontend/Parser/chapel.ypp
M compiler/next/lib/frontend/Parser/parser-dependencies.h
M compiler/next/lib/uast/CMakeLists.txt
M compiler/next/test/frontend/CMakeLists.txt

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