[Chapel Merge] Fix some issues with constant domain optimization

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Revision: b7463e2
Author: e-kayrakli
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Merge pull request #16509 from e-kayrakli/generic-in-domain-formal

Fix some issues with constant domain optimization

Resolves https://github.com/chapel-lang/chapel/issues/16398
Resolves two leaks:


Supersedes https://github.com/chapel-lang/chapel/pull/16461

While passing a domain literal to an in formal, we adjust the related initCopy
to take care of the definedConst field of the domain. However, we don’t have
that initCopy for fully generic formals. This causes two issues:

  • We don’t set the constness correctly for in formals (#16398)
  • Consider:
record R {
  var d;
  var a: [d] int;

var r = new R({1..3});

we move the literal to d in the default initializer and adjust its constness
in the initializer body, however, we create the default array argument at the
call site where the domain still has definedConst=true.

To fix this issue, this PR:

  • Add isFormalTmpConst to check for in formals in default initializers

  • When we are moving a domain for an in intent formal without any coercion,
    set the constness of that domain based on the constness of the formal (i.e.
    const in vs in) [except when calling a default initializer]

  • When we are eliding a domain copy, sets the constness of the symbol after

  • Makes setDefinedConstForDomainSymbol a non static function and simplifies
    its interface.

  • Removes the workaround in a test, that was added to avoid #16398

  • Adds bunch of testing

[Reviewed by @mppf]


  • [x] standard
  • [x] gasnet
  • [x] valgrind examples
  • [x] memleaks examples

Modified Files:
A test/optimizations/constDomain/domainArgsConcrete.chpl
A test/optimizations/constDomain/domainArgsConcrete.good
A test/optimizations/constDomain/domainField2.chpl
A test/optimizations/constDomain/domainField2.good
A test/optimizations/constDomain/literalIntoVar.chpl
A test/optimizations/constDomain/literalIntoVar.good
M compiler/include/optimizations.h
M compiler/optimizations/propagateDomainConstness.cpp
M compiler/passes/splitInit.cpp
M compiler/resolution/wrappers.cpp
M test/optimizations/constDomain/domainArgs.chpl

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