[Chapel Merge] Fix gasnet related gpu test failures

Branch: refs/heads/main
Revision: 403ccf6
Author: stonea
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Merge pull request #20374 from stonea/fix_gpu_gasnet_testing

Fix gasnet related gpu test failures

Similar to the issues #20356 it looks like #20342 made it so we gpuize more loops in our module code. In this case we were getting failures for our gasnet tests ().
It looks like some loop (or loops) that we now gpuize gets access to wide pointers and thus we were get complaints about not having GPUized versions of certain other functions.
To fix I:

Made GPU_AND_CPU_CODEGEN a user visible pragma
Apply this pragma to chpl_nodeFromLocaleID
Add device functions for a handful of functions that these call (with the implementation left as a TODO)

[Reviewed by @e-kayrakli]

Modified Files:
M compiler/codegen/cg-symbol.cpp

M compiler/dyno/include/chpl/uast/PragmaList.h
M modules/internal/LocaleModelHelpRuntime.chpl
M runtime/include/gpu/cuda/chpl-gpu-gen-includes.h

Compare: https://github.com/chapel-lang/chapel/compare/dfc87f60e2b2...403ccf6fd73a