[Chapel Merge] Fix a bug in detecting `in` formals in follower it

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Revision: 36f57ce
Author: e-kayrakli
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Merge pull request #17045 from e-kayrakli/follower-in-intent-bug

Fix a bug in detecting in formals in follower iterators

We don’t currently support in intents for non-POD types in follower iterators.
See Implement in-intents of non-POD types in follower iterators · Issue #13299 · chapel-lang/chapel · GitHub.

A test that I merged yesterday
(library/packages/UnrolledLinkedList/insert/testInsertRecordLeak.chpl) failed
hitting that check. It appears the way that that check was implemented sometimes
capture procs, too. This PR fixes that.

[Reviewed by @vasslitvinov]


  • [x] standard
  • [x] gasnet

Modified Files:
M compiler/include/resolveFunction.h
M compiler/resolution/resolveFunction.cpp
M compiler/resolution/wrappers.cpp

Compare: Comparing 39037b764227...36f57cedf7ea · chapel-lang/chapel · GitHub