[Chapel Merge] Enable "In module MMM:" error annotation

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Revision: 97e26fc
Author: vasslitvinov
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Merge pull request #17483 from vasslitvinov/enable-InModule-note

Enable "In module MMM:" error annotation

Print a line saying In module MMM: when the compiler prints
an error message for a module-level code, analogously to printing
In function FFF: for an error in a function.

Such a line is already printed in the developer mode, however it used
to be suppressed upon --no-devel. This PR enables it for the latter
as well.

This PR chooses to suppress it, however, when the name of the module
is the same as the name of the file where, the error occurred.
If so, this additional line is more noise than helpful.
here are ~1,100 tests in our test suite where this happens.

This replaces #17204.

r: @mppf

Modified Files:
M compiler/util/misc.cpp

M test/classes/generic/with-runtime-fields-ok.good
M test/classes/initializers/qualified/modTypeShareName.bad
M test/classes/nilability/demo1.good
M test/classes/nilability/demo2.good
M test/classes/nilability/demo3.good
M test/classes/nilability/demo4.good
M test/classes/nilability/demo5.good
M test/classes/nilability/error-method-on-nilable-borrow.good
M test/classes/nilability/error-method-on-nilable-owned.good
M test/classes/nilability/error-method-on-nilable-shared.good
M test/constrained-generics/basic/set1/error-not-visible.good
M test/expressions/new-expr/has-arg-list.good
M test/functions/bradc/resolveConfig.bad
M test/modules/deitz/test_module_access4.good
M test/modules/deitz/test_module_mutual_use.bad
M test/modules/diten/mutualuse.bad
M test/modules/diten/mutualuse2.bad
M test/modules/diten/mutualuse3.bad
M test/modules/use/parentSymRequiresUse.good
M test/modules/use/parentSymRequiresUse2.good
M test/modules/use/topLevel/noUseTop2.good
M test/visibility/except/blockSecondaryMethod.good
M test/visibility/except/blockSecondaryTypeMethod.good
M test/visibility/except/cannotSeeSecondaryMethod.good
M test/visibility/type-shadow.good

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