[Chapel Merge] Deprecate ident() routine for ranges

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Author: bradcray
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Merge pull request #18247 from bradcray/deprecate-range-ident

Deprecate ident() routine for ranges

[reviewed by @mppf]

The range ident() routine is pretty odd in that it's the only type
to support such a routine, was probably originally developed for
our own use, and yet even then is almost never used. It feels a bit
like a wart and doesn't really have advocates within the team.

We've talked about replacing it with '===' in the long-term, and
this would not be hard to do in the short-term (other than making
sure that we do something reasonable with it for other types), but
also conjectured that since it is probably virtually unused/unknown
to users, we could probably just deprecate it and see whether anyone
notices or cares. If not, we can remove it next release; if so, we can
prioritize === or see whether users are OK comparing the l,h,s,a
tuple values themselves.

This PR adds the deprecation messages, creates an internal code
clone for the single internal use of the routine (and to keep the
deprecated versions working), and removes calls to ident() from
our tests (all of which were tests that focused on making sure all
range methods were working as expected, so not interesting).

Modified Files:
A test/deprecated/rangeIdent.chpl

A test/deprecated/rangeIdent.good
M modules/internal/ChapelRange.chpl
M test/types/range/enum/enumRange.chpl
M test/types/range/enum/enumRange.good
M test/types/range/enum/enumRangeStrided.chpl
M test/types/range/enum/enumRangeStrided.good
M test/types/range/userAPI/byteRangeTest.good
M test/types/range/userAPI/codepointRangeTest.good
M test/types/range/userAPI/rangeAPItest.chpl
M test/types/range/userAPI/simpleRangeTest.good
M test/types/range/userAPI/singleEnumAPITest.good

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