[Chapel Merge] Changing graph legend for Triad

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Revision: 4c7bac5
Author: ShreyasKhandekar
Link: Changing graph legend for Triad by ShreyasKhandekar · Pull Request #20368 · chapel-lang/chapel · GitHub
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Merge pull request #20368 from ShreyasKhandekar/TriadPerfLabelUpdate

Changing graph legend for Triad

Changing the labels of the different Triad versions as follows:

TriachChpl -> Idiomatic
Triad -> Transliteration
Alt1 -> NoSliceLHS
Alt2 -> NoSlice

Generated graphs before and after making the change on Osprey and viewed the html locally. Everything seems to be fine. Hopefully the hosted graphs are also fine.
Also changed Graph titles to include "SHOC" in their name to make them clearer as more GPU tests are added

Modified Files:
M test/gpu/native/studies/shoc/bandwidth.graph

M test/gpu/native/studies/shoc/bandwidth2.graph
M test/gpu/native/studies/shoc/kernel.graph
M test/gpu/native/studies/shoc/kernel2.graph
M test/gpu/native/studies/shoc/triad.graph
M test/gpu/native/studies/shoc/triad2.graph

Compare: https://github.com/chapel-lang/chapel/compare/6553b38a24b7...4c7bac5075da