[Chapel Merge] Adjust the madness test directory skipif so it onl

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Revision: 9bba64a
Author: lydia-duncan
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Merge pull request #19375 from lydia-duncan/adjustMadnessSkipif

Adjust the madness test directory skipif so it only excludes testing with intel
[reviewed by @ronawho]

Some of the tests in this directory are sensitive to numerical differences
between compilers. Through experimentation, it seems like the gnu and Cray
compilers match the behavior of LLVM, our new default, while intel has slightly
different behavior.

We want to run these tests in our default settings so that problems with them
can be detected early, so an update to the skipif was necessary. Since these
other configurations match the behavior of our default, at least for now test
with them as well.

Note: it might be nice to have alternative .good files for intel, but we're
worried that this would result in unnecessary overhead to maintain, so for now,
just skip it.

Double checked that the directory ran with CHPL_TARGET_COMPILER=llvm and
was appropriately skipped with CHPL_TARGET_COMPILER=cray-prgenv-intel

Modified Files:
M test/studies/madness.skipif

Compare: https://github.com/chapel-lang/chapel/compare/f2da7d4dfda1...9bba64ae509c