[Chapel Merge] Add -O for knucleotide-strings

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Revision: c51be74
Author: mppf
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Merge pull request #18346 from mppf/knn-strings-compopts

Add -O for knucleotide-strings

After PR #18323 we have been seeing this test timeout in some
configurations. It was already disabled in baseline and valgrind
configurations with PR #16302. However, in the performance testing
configuration, the performance improved after PR #18323.

This test runs significantly (5x-10x) faster if '-O' is provided in order
to request C/LLVM optimizations. So, this PR just adds that in the

Trivial and not reviewed.

Modified Files:
A test/studies/shootout/k-nucleotide/bharshbarg/knucleotide-strings.compopts

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