[Chapel Merge] Add future about confusing error when using ops on

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Merge pull request #17755 from bradcray/weird-error-behavior-for-mixed-uint-op

Add future about confusing error when using ops on uints of mixed size

[trivial, not reviewed]

This adds a future that demonstrates that we generate a confusing
error message when applying operations (subtraction here) to a pair of
'uint's of distinct size. Specifically, it speaks in terms of not
being able to apply operators to a uint and a signed integer even
though there is no signed integer.

At the very least, we should make the error message less confusing. But
this also raises questions about whether our coercion rules for uints are
poor; or whether we should be providing different overloads on mixed-size
uints to support these cases.

Modified Files:
A test/types/integral/uintMinusSmallUint.bad

A test/types/integral/uintMinusSmallUint.chpl
A test/types/integral/uintMinusSmallUint.future
A test/types/integral/uintMinusSmallUint.good

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