[Chapel Merge] Add a new GPU test for bulk data transfer performa

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Author: e-kayrakli
Link: Add a new GPU test for bulk data transfer performance by e-kayrakli · Pull Request #19569 · chapel-lang/chapel · GitHub
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Merge pull request #19569 from e-kayrakli/gpu-data-pp

Add a new GPU test for bulk data transfer performance

This PR adds 3 GPU tests.

  • two are used for CPU/GPU worksharing and one of them closely resembles a code
    I have in the release notes for 1.26.

  • a performance test I used for understanding whether host-to-device bulk
    transfer works (it does!), and to assess its impact on performance for cases
    where the data is offloaded for a specific computation, and than copied back
    to the host. This test currently runs in correctness mode as we don't have GPU
    performance testing infrastructure set up yet. GPU performance testing is
    requested in https://github.com/Cray/chapel-private/issues/2564.

The tests pass with the GPU locale model.

[Reviewed by @stonea]

Modified Files:
A test/gpu/native/dataPingPong.chpl

A test/gpu/native/dataPingPong.compopts
A test/gpu/native/dataPingPong.execopts
A test/gpu/native/dataPingPong.good
A test/gpu/native/dataPingPong.prediff
A test/gpu/native/multiGPU/EXECOPTS
A test/gpu/native/multiGPU/PREDIFF
A test/gpu/native/multiGPU/README
A test/gpu/native/multiGPU/multiGPU.numlaunches
A test/gpu/native/multiGPU/worksharing.chpl
A test/gpu/native/multiGPU/worksharing.numlaunches
A test/gpu/native/multiGPU/worksharingBasic.chpl
A test/gpu/native/multiGPU/worksharingBasic.numlaunches
R test/gpu/native/multiGPU/multiGPU.execopts
R test/gpu/native/multiGPU/multiGPU.prediff

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