[Chapel Merge] Add a future on a case of a formal's type

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Revision: 2f09150
Author: vasslitvinov
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Merge pull request #17776 from vasslitvinov/future-on-arg-type

Add a future on a case of a formal's type

The compiler reports a bogus user error when a formal's
declared type is a call of a paren-less type method
on a class. (Is this also a problem with a record?)
See Issue #17777.

This PR adds a .future test for that:


Modified Files:
A test/functions/typeMethods/arg-type-type-method.bad

A test/functions/typeMethods/arg-type-type-method.chpl
A test/functions/typeMethods/arg-type-type-method.future
A test/functions/typeMethods/arg-type-type-method.good

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